Extended enterprise LMS

Create a learning culture
among employees, customers
and partners with Digits
extended enterprise LMS

Key features

Deliver, track and manage
learning activities for employees,
customers and partners

Digits LMS’s branding and content
can be customised to suit your
extended enterprise’s segments
of learners

Supports a range of online
and offline learning content
and activities

Make your learning
more sociable with
collaborative groups

Gamify your
learning to foster
a learning culture

Report on activity completions
and analyse ROI

Why use an extended
enterprise LMS?

Opting for an extended enterprise LMS such as Digits LMS makes it simpler and more
effective to offer training and learning opportunities to people within and outside
your organisation, such as employees, partners, and customers.

By making it easier for these groups of people to access learning about your products and services, you’ll help them develop their knowledge about your company – increasing usage of your products and services, and reducing requests for assistance. With Digits LMS, you can offer distinct training programmes and content to multiple distinct groups of users – from one central learning management system. Our platform’s in-built reporting functionality also makes it easier for you to monitor completion rates and understand which learners need more support.

Customise learning programmes
for different groups

With Digits LMS, you can create customised programmes of
learning for different groups of user.

As well as offering only the learning activities that are most relevant to them, you can create tailored learning journeys to guide them through appropriate learning paths. You can also brand Digits LMS with different colours and graphics, to make the system feel specially designed for each group of learners.

Share content that’s
relevant to your learners

With Digits LMS, learners – whether they’re employees, partners, or customers –
can only access the content that’s relevant to them.

While employees will be able to access detailed training about topics such as your company’s internal processes and values, customers will be able to access videos, assessments, and workbooks focused on how to make the most of your products, for example. All of this content and activity can be managed and reported on from one central hub, giving your organisation true control over the quality and breadth of its learning activities.

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