Gamified learning

Gamify your
approach to learning
with points, badges
and leaderboards

Boost employee engagement

A little healthy competition goes a long way to boosting
employee engagement and developing your organisation’s
learning culture.

Digits LMS’s suite of gamification features use rewards such as pop-up points and badges, as well as leaderboards, to create interest in learning and reward employees who complete courses and activities.

Visual learning journeys

Digits LMS’s learning journeys incorporate gamified elements –
such as level completion, locked levels, and progress charts – to
nudge learners along their journey.

Each learning journey uses your brand’s graphics, colours and font so the LMS truly feels a part of your organisation.

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Gamify your learning with

Pop-up reward points

Earn points for each completed activity


Show and share learning progress, helping to foster a learning culture

Customisable badges

Encourage learners to complete key activities aligned to your organisation’s goals and values

Case study

Introducing a new reward system to ‘Power Up’ learning at Kia Motors UK

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What is gamified learning?

It’s human nature to be competitive – whether you want to best a friend or colleague in a test, become the family Monopoly champion, or beat your own fastest time for a 5km run. So it makes sense to add competitive elements to your learning programmes and activities; a technique known as ‘gamification’.

Gamified learning rewards individuals with points, achievements, badges, progress bars and level completion, and, crucially, makes these achievements visible to other ‘players’ – learners – to encourage them to take part, too. Gamification helps to make learning more enjoyable, as well as increasing engagement and completion rates – helping your L&D team deliver tangible business results.