Social learning

Share knowledge and
plug skills gaps anywhere
with Digits LMS’s social
learning features

Key features

Connects your workforce
together to share knowledge

Set up general groups for all
employees to join

Or create private groups for
cohorts such as new starters,
apprentices, graduates,
managers, and more

Provide a digital space for individuals
to share ideas, discuss good practice,
and support each other’s learning

Assign bloggers who can
contribute knowledge base
articles – growing your library
of learning content

Social groups and forums

Set up social and discussion groups and forums for your learners within
Digits LMS: there’s no need for them to leave the learning platform to
share ideas and knowledge.

You’re in control of which groups to create and who can join them – ensuring that only the right people are in restricted groups such as those for certain roles or locations, for example.

Group members can message each other to offer support with common queries or questions related to courses and other training activities, helping your organisation to grow and develop its learning culture.

Coaching and mentoring

Make it easy for people to find coaches and mentors
with Digits LMS.

Learners can put themselves forward as mentors by adding their skills, and can offer themselves as a coach for those who are struggling in their area of expertise.

Mentees can tag the skills areas in which they feel they need more help, and Digits LMS will match them with an appropriate mentor. Mentors and mentees can book virtual and face-to-face meetings through the system, too.

Create a knowledge base

Designate knowledge base ‘bloggers’ who can create and load knowledge base
articles into Digits LMS, which learners can access via the search function or
directly from the homepage.

Adding articles to your mix of learning activities and content gives employees the opportunity to explore new topics and ideas without committing to longer, more involved courses. You can also reward learners with points for reading these articles.

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What is social learning?

Proponents of social learning argue that learning is most effective when it takes place in a group of two or more people – when individuals are able to observe and imitate the behaviour of others. Just as groups of learners discuss ideas and theories in a workshop or classroom context, learners who are consuming digital content individually benefit from online spaces where they can come together to discuss learnings and experiences.

Introducing elements of social learning into your L&D programme is said to improve knowledge retention (and therefore, return on your financial investment in training), boost engagement, and help to transform (or reinforce) organisational culture. But just because it’s called ‘social’ learning, doesn’t mean you have to use social media; advanced learning management systems such as Digits LMS have the in-built tools and discussion forums to foster collaboration and learning within the solution, without the need for an additional social media platform.