Free Whitepaper:Digits' Insight into the Automotive Sector's use of Learning Technology

Faced with major digital and technological advancements, the automotive industry is undergoing enormous change. Subsequently, it is more critical than ever for businesses within the sector to have an effective solution for delivering learning, to ensure staff are ready for the transition.

Our insightful whitepaper focuses on tackling the changes head-on using digital learning technology and discusses the best approaches for successfully implementing an online learning strategy.

Specifically providing information on:

  • Trends transforming the automotive industry
  • Supporting change with a Learning Management System
  • Digits' 6 stage approach for delivering the whole learning cycle
  • Case studies from leading automotive businesses
  • The future of digital learning technology for the automotive sector

Whether you're in the automotive trade and in the market for a new LMS or are familiarising yourself with the world of digital learning, this detailed whitepaper teaches you all you need to know!